Application Configuration for .NET

code-first, strongly typed configuration classes for your .NET applications

Need to store common configuration settings in your application, but don't want to use the stodgy .NET configuration classes to access configuration data? This library lets you create .NET classes that map configuration data to strongly typed properties and retrieve\store these values either using the default .NET config file mechanism or various other configuration formats.


  • Create strongly typed configuration classes
  • Simply add properties to a class to map a configuration item
  • Automatic type conversion for simple .NET types and enums
  • Storage to .config files, plain XML or JSON files, strings or a database
  • Read and write to configuration stores
  • Automatically synch class configuration to config store
  • Encrypt individual configuration keys rather than entire section
  • Ability to create multiple configuration objects to isolate configuration data
  • Extensible: Create your own configuration store providers
  • Use in Web, Desktop, Services or Console applications

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Check out more information and view code examples on how to quickly create strongly typed configuration classes use them easily and efficiently from within your own applications.

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You can download this toolkit directly to get the compiled code and examples, or access the full source including the examples on GitHub. The easiest ways to use this toolkit however is to add it to your project via NuGet.

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This toolkit is free and open source for use in any project or application. An optional commercial license is available for support, environments where full licensing is required or if you just want to support this project.

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