Europe 2002
Tripping around Europe visiting Nadja in Switzerland with trips to Austria and Germany for good measure.

Because there are so many pictures and many more to come I've broken them up into several sub-albums:


  • Monolithe at Expo '02 on Lake Murten. Some call it art - I call it "Rust Klotz". It's a big iron cube which contains a huge painting inside.
  • Windsurfing in Murten? "It's looks like a lake out there."
  • Local surf shop.
  • Bundling up in Swiss Weather.
  • Wanderslust. Nadja generated quite the sensation walking up this mountain road barefoot. Just about everybody passing had something to say - 'are you training or something???'
  • Group photo - Markus' parents, Markus & Ellen and Rick.
  • TatarenHut feed for the whole group. Let's call this a 'reverse Fondue' with the food to grill stuck on a 'hat' that holds the the meat. The hat's rim contains bouillon which gets enriched by the drippings from the grilled meat and veggies on the TatarenHut.
  • Milka Cow. It didn't grow up to be purple just yet!
  • BauerHaus, where the 'Tataren schmausen'. Or was that the 'Babaren'???
  • Der Denker.
  • Hoehenluft macht muede!
  • Alpenwiese with a view near Markus' Grandma's house.
  • Heidi's House?
  • Franz Jaegermeister. Markus' Dad didn't want to miss out and shows, ahem, Frau Jaegermeister how to properly drink a 'short one'.
  • How am I going to drink all this beer???
  • Frau Jaegermeister versucht es auch 'mal.

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