Maui Winter 2007
It has been a windy winter which is good. It hss been a busy winter for work too, which is also good. Something had to give and it was me... not enough sleep and frantic fitting of schedules pursued.

  • Sunset in Lahaina. Talk about a lucky shot.
  • A day at the office: Nadia at Hookipa.
  • Hell is freezing over: Snow on Haleakala
  • Ahi Time!
  • Ok, this is the part that is - uhm a bit messy. But you can't beat fresh fish like this!
  • Playing with fire... wie ein kleines Kind.
  • Kanaha on a bigger day in February. Chico sat out and took some pics from the life guard tower.
  • Only a few people out late in the afternoon - so rare at Kanaha
  • Going, going...
  • Gone...
  • Klein aber fein...
  • Opening the skylights at Kuau Cove in the late afternoon.
  • Nicht so ernst Frau Pfister!
  • Don't point that thing at me!!!
  • Heiligenschein
  • Beer or Baer?
  • A tourist trip on Maui... Hey I've only lived here 9 years and I've never been.
  • Sharing with the fishies in the massive fish tank...
  • Shark bait...
  • Hypnotization tank...
  • Sun shark...
  • Banana Bread Party in West Maui
  • At the Blow Hole again.
  • Say cheese. Bluer wird's nicht!
  • And up close and personal.
  • Goofing off with Sandra and Claudio. Ok TWICE a year now we get to play tourist!
  • West Maui Coast.
  • What a view for a house!
  • Can you hear me now?

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