Tech Ed in LA and then Europe
Off to another trip to Europe. This time I went for the very fun SDGN Conference in the Netherlands in Arnheim, which is a short conference put on by the SDG user group. This two conference brings in a bunch of speakers for essentially an extended user group meeting.

Afterwards I went on to visit my parents in Berlin for another week of 'schlemmen' and of course bier. Well you can see the results below... For the kickoff I stopped by TechEd in LA, staying once again with the Murez'sssss...

  • Dude, your car's too small. Of course, Jim looks like this in ANY car.
  • Winners circle - sorta
  • If only real road cars where made like bumper cars!
  • Ok, tourist attraction #1. But 'dem whales are kinda fun. Where can I get one of those for a pet to give me a ride out to the surf?
  • My favorite 'dogs'
  • Sharkbait on my skeg, Sharkbite on my... dudilidy dum
  • You had to do it didn't you?
  • Bite me!
  • Can you spell HUGE? Tech Ed computer hall... Enough electricity to power a small country - like Switzerland for example <s>.
  • Like father like son. Hunchback runs in the family!
  • Markus and Ellen. Hey man, you don't look too happy...
  • CodeBooth graced by Don Box with Markus adoring. It's a sad, sad thing...
  • LA Convention Center tubularity...
  • Amsterdam Bahnhof. You think it tastes like Ginger Bread?
  • Getting ready for Go Karting in Amsterdan with Michell Leroux Bustamante and Paul Sheriff
  • Road Rage - SDGN Speaker driving lessons in Amsterdam.
  • Remi ready for Go Carting
  • Don't enter - the Red Light District in Amsterdam. It's a nice place - by day.
  • Amsterdam canals. What were they thinking?
  • Botanical garden in Amsterdam. They sure make a big deal out of flowers.
  • And more flowers this time in Berlin.
  • With Moni in east Berlin am Dom (not to be confused with the XML Dom)
  • Near Alexander Platz in old east Berlin. Things have changed. Yuppie town has arrived.
  • Markus is making a name in ways we never knew - well, we've heard Markus sing Abba at Karaoke - it ain't a pretty sight (or sound rather).
  • The downward Spiral
  • What the fuck? 'Modern' art that will impale you am AlexanderPlatz in Berlin.
  • Ich lass die Sau 'raus. Tuer auf und fort gehts!
  • I'm betting on this pony - uh Bear.
  • Back off I'm eating my Roll Mopps.
  • Puma shoes anyone?
  • Peter and Moni at the Stammbar downstairs.
  • Jail birds
  • Oh my...
  • Can it be? Kastanien in the KastanienAllee?
  • Hackischer Hof in the old condition. The area has been turned into a commercial, trendy area, but a couple of the old areas still show the original decay.
  • Beer good!
  • Two fisted beer!
  • These bikes are going the wrong direction.
  • Ok... this is getting a little out 'hand'...

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