Hood River 2006
Another year in the Gorge. Too much work not enough Windsurfing... I got a new camera to play with and so I'm taking more pictures once again after a long hiatus.

Also check out the windsurfing action shots.

  • Wicked weather. The day before July 4th we had some wicked thunderstorms moving through with lightning every 10-20 seconds.
  • It was actually too busy to get good shots of the lightning - these pics took like 50 tries to get - the rest there's too much diffusion.
  • This one hit - there were some fires around Mt. Adams the next day.
  • Morgan in a lazy, late afternoon jibe at swell.
  • Ahhh - Gorge view on a windy day...
  • It was windy. Stoked about the new camera catching pictures freehand across half way across the river without any special effort.
  • Is it windy yet? Daily wind-check...
  • The sky's on fire!
  • And now... a little piece of quiet and peace of mind.
  • Pushing trails in the wind!
  • 3x4 up close with the 'sailing face'!
  • Round and round it goes.
  • What the fuck is it? Two mirrors about to get smacked off a push loop.
  • Doomsday, Doomsday! This was a pre-cursor to another bout of nasty T-Storms, after a crazy windy day on the river.
  • Gear Salad! A mess of boards is taking over the spare bedroom!!!
  • A day out wave boarding on a day when it was way too windy for wake boarding.
  • I think I miss the ocean really bad about now!!!
  • And it ends... badly.
  • No... REALLY badly! That's gonna leave a mark!
  • Dan looks way more relaxed in the zone...
  • Dan's kids showed how it's done the day before when there was glass...
  • Jake at the Wall
  • Ron with a sail 360. Those sails sure stick out and make for some 'pretty pictures'.
  • Jake's new haircut. SCARY! This is your real Jake the Snake look! Maybe the Slash hat and you'd be set!
  • Morgan disguised as Two-Finger-Jack.
  • Mt. Hood from Dog River trail in August. This is the last view for the year before a big fire burnt much of this area a few days later.
  • Fucking Tree Hugger!
  • Top of the hill - finally.
  • Morgan on the next ridge over at Sunset. Pretty late ride but very weird, hazy light that day with the blueish haze looking surreal.

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