Summer in Hood River, Oregon
Once again I made the yearly trek to Hood River for the summer from May through August.

This year was a fun one in Hood River. Lotsa sailing and bike riding, except for that little episode in a certain Washington forest - a cracked collar bone and 1 month later life in the fast lane goes on...

  • As windy as this picture looks - it looked much wilder for real. The breakwall was throwing spray all the way across the harbor enterance as swells were breaking over it. There were a few 10 foot plus swells going through the river that day!
  • Big Saturday at Arlington. 50 knots, liquid smoke, 10 foot swell and a whole lotta broken gear...
  • More wonkage! It looked good on a slide. If you look close you can see everything becoming unglued. One foot's already out of the strap, the back hand off the boom.
  • More Big Saturday at the 'Ling. This wouldn't end well, but it looked good - up until explosion takes place.

  • oregoncoast_3
    Here's a short video clip from this coast trip as well. This is an experiment - first time digitizing video from the DV Cam. Video is about 5 megs.
  • How many sub head high waves can you take in a day? As bad as that is, this was probably one of the bigger waves...
  • A few good days on the coast worked out well this year. These coast shots in rather small waves came from the Video camera.
  • Up, up and away... sailing overpowered at Florence.
  • On a Post Canyon ride. The Gorge at dusk... It was almost worth climbing the observation point...
  • Something to smile about - I made it to the top.
  • Viggers doing the usual - waiting for me to catch up on the way up the mountain.
  • Shortly after the fateful crash on the return trip. Passing the scene of the crime. You can't see it, but the pain, man, the pain!!!
  • TIMEY! TEMEEEEEEY! I think the cold weather was driving everybody nuts...
  • Man it was cold in May in the Gorge! The hat kept my eyes warm!

    Looks to me like this will be a new authors-picture for Code Magazine...

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