JavaScript Client Classes

The AJAX classes utilize a relatively small script library to provide the client side application services for the various controls. The library addresses several areas:

The library functionality can also be used independently of the Ajax features. For example the wwControl class provides some useful client side, browser indpendent formatting and UI effects functionality that has nothing to do with the callback framework, yet it's used by the callback framework.

  Client Class wwCallbackMethod This javascript class allows making remote method callbacks to the server using JSON messaging. The control calls back to ASPX pages or control on a page that contain methods marked up with a [CallbackMethod] Attribute.
  Client Class wwHoverPanel This class provides easy to use pop up window functionality by calling back to a URL and retrieving the result content directly into a panel. Options allow for easy placement of the window and various simple effects like shadows and opacity of the window.
  Client Class CallbackException The Callback Exception object is used to return errors from any callbacks. Any errors are always routed to the callbackErrorHandler specified on the client control (or parameter if available).
  Client Class wwControl The wwControl class is a thin wrapper around HTML DOM controls that provides browser independent functionality for a handful of common behaviors and operations as well as some useful and frequently resusable visual effects. There are two ways you can get a reference to a wwControl from a DOM element:
  Client Class wwList Provides a thin abstraction for a SELECT list that works for list boxes and drop down lists. Provides the ability to add items, clear the list and perform databinding to object arrays and DataTables returned from the server.
  Client Class wwToolTip Simple class that provides a tooltip behavior to an existing control.
  Client Class wwModalDialog This class allows creating a modal dialog that hides the background of the Web page using an opaque overlay and then pops an HTML element of your choice on top of it. The element (typically a Div tag) should also contain a button or hyper link used to close the dialog.
  Client Class wwDragBehavior This class provides a Drag Behavior to existing DOM elements on a page by attaching to a specific window and a Drag Handle. A Drag Handle is a 'hot spot' that acts as the initiation point to start a drag operation.
  Class wwEditable Extender class that makes a single DOM content element editable. Typically it is used with text div tags or more commonly yet with table cells.
  Client Class wwHttp The wwHttp class provides a thin wrapper around the browser XmlHttp object to allow making callbacks. The control manages hooking up a callback handler and managing errors by calling the callback handler or error handler when the calls complete.
  Client Class wwUtils Class with a few utility functions that are used throughout the library.
  Client Class wwDebug This class provides minimal debug trace functionality that allows capturing debug messages and storing them to a string. The messages are captured in a buffer that can be retrieved with toString().
  Client Class wwEvent A wrapper around the DOM event class that provides access to the event source, page and container relative x and y positions and the ability to hook up events in a browser consistent way.
  Client Class JSON The JSON class provides the ability to parse JSON on the client side. This is a static object that is always available.
  Global Functions and Objects The library also includes a handful of global functions that are provided as wrappers for other functionality in easy to use single line command style syntax.
  String Class Extensions Provides various extensions to the JavaScript String class.
  Date Class Extensions Extends the JavaScript Date class.
  Number Class Extensions Extends the JavaScript Number class with methods that act on the the number instance.

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