Client Class CallbackException

The Callback Exception object is used to return errors from any callbacks. Any errors are always routed to the callbackErrorHandler specified on the client control (or parameter if available).

Most framework errors that occur as part of a callback will fire the callback handler. This includes network and security errors from X
mlHttp, server side execution or routing errors, as well as possible control assignment (for Panel operations).


function HelloWorld()
function HelloWorldCallbac(Result)
function OnPageError(CallbackException)
	alert("Page Error: " + CallbackException.message);

Class Members

isCallbackError This is a marker property that lets any calling code check if the callback result is an Exception.
message The error message for the error that occurred. This message can be the result of the operational processing (XmlHttp), or Javascript parsing of the response, or more likely contain the result of a server side exception.


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Class CallbackException

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