Fades out the control content by using opacity.

Fading timing is done via the Step property which determines how fast the operation occurs. The higher the step number the faster the fade in. Internally the code runs a loop between the percentage specified and the step is the stepper for the loop. So step one means 100 steps, step 4 means 25 and so is 4 times faster (and less smooth). Realistic values are between 1 and 5. Anything bigger will likely to fast to notice or too rough.



If true causes the control to be hidden when opacity gets to 0. This means setting display or visibilty styles. It also sets the Opacity back to 1 (but the control is hidden so it won't show - done so on the next show() operation the control actually shows)

Determines how quickly the animation runs. The higher the step the faster it runs. Values 1-5 are optimum range.

The start percentage. If not specified it's 1.

If uses the visibility style to hide the control which leaves the space the control occupies in the document. False uses the display style which hides and reclaims the space.

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