Class wwCallbackHandler

wwCallbackHandler is an Http Handler base class that allows you to create a class with methods marked up with a [CallbackMethod] attribute which are then exposed for remote execution. The handler routes the to the methods and executes the call and returns the results - or any errors - as JSON strings.

To use this service you need to create an HttpHandler (either .ASHX or a class registered in web.config's httpHandler section) and then add methods with the [CallbackMethod] attribute and that's it. The service accepts inputs via query string and POST data.

The service automatically supports callbacks by the wwMethodCallback server and wwMethodCallback client controls which use a specific POST format. Plain REST calls can also be made with the following URL syntax:


POST data can then be passed in to act as parameters:

For more information on how to call these handlers see Using wwCallbackHandler with REST Calls.


public class wwCallbackHandler : object, IHttpHandler

Class Members

public sealed void ProcessRequest( HttpContext context );
WriteErrorResponse Returns an error response to the client from a callback. Code should exit after this call.
public void WriteErrorResponse( string ErrorMessage );
IsReusable This handler is not thread-safe


Namespace: Westwind.Web.Controls
Assembly: wwhoverpanel.dll

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Last Updated: 12/25/2007