Global Functions and Objects

The library also includes a handful of global functions that are provided as wrappers for other functionality in easy to use single line command style syntax.

Class Members

$w This function is a shortcut for document.getElementById() to retrieve a DOM element reference.
function $w(ControlId)
$ww Returns a wwControl element based on a DOM element which can be passed as a string ID or as DOM element.
ajaxJson This function is an easy way to call a URL and receive an evaluated JSON response. You can pass POST data to the server either as a parsed JSON object or as a raw POST buffer.
ajaxLoadHtml Allows you to run an AJAX request and load the result directly into a dom element.,post,domElement,errorCallback)
ajaxRequest Single line function AJAX callback routine that allows you to send a request to a server Url and retrieve the raw string result to a specified callback handler.
jsonp Allows making a remote JSONP cross domain call. JSONP requires a JSONP compliant handler on the server that can return the requested JSON properl wrapped in the requested function call.
_debug The _debug object is a global instance of the wwDebug object and provides ready access to the debug object through out your application and script code.
_wwUtils The _wwUtils instance is a static instance of the wwUtils object that is always available in your applications and scripts.


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