Class wwCallbackHandler

wwCallbackHandler is an Http Handler base class that allows you to create a class with methods marked up with a [CallbackMethod] attribute which are then exposed for remote execution. The handler routes the to the methods and executes the call and returns the results - or any errors - as JSON strings.

To use this service you need to create an HttpHandler (either .ASHX or a class registered in web.config's httpHandler section) and then add methods with the [CallbackMethod] attribute and that's it. The service accepts inputs via query string and POST data.

The service automatically supports callbacks by the wwMethodCallback server and wwMethodCallback client controls which use a specific POST format. Plain REST calls can also be made with the following URL syntax:


POST data can then be passed in to act as parameters:

For more information on how to call these handlers see Using wwCallbackHandler with REST Calls.

Note this class defers its actual processing of the JSON Callback methods to the JsonCallbackMethorProcessor which is generic and reusable.


public class wwCallbackHandler : object, IHttpHandler

Class Members

public sealed void ProcessRequest( HttpContext context );
IsReusable This handler is not thread-safe


Namespace: Westwind.Web.Controls
Assembly: westwind.ajaxtoolkit.dll

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