Class wwDatePicker

This control is an ASP.NET wrapper around Marc Garbanski's jQuery UI Datepicker control.

The control provides a popup calendar or inline date selection with Postback support added to the client control.

The control relies on the following resources:

These resources are embedded into the assembly so you don't need to reference or distribute anything. You can however override each of these resources with relative URL based resources or leave the scripts blank if you like to manually load them.


public class wwDatePicker : TextBox

Class Members

public virtual void RenderControl( HtmlTextWriter writer );
ButtonImage Url to a Calendar Image or WebResource to use the default resource image. Applies only if the DisplayMode = ImageButton
CalendarCss The CSS that is used for the calendar
CalendarJs Location for the calendar JavaScript
CloseAtTop Determines where the Close icon is displayed. True = top, false = bottom.
DateFormat Determines the Date Format used. Auto uses CurrentCulture. Format: MDY/ month, date,year separator
DisplayMode Determines how the datepicking option is activated
jQueryJs Location of jQuery library. Use WebResource for loading from resources
MaxDate Maximum allowable date. Leave blank to allow any date.
MinDate Minumum allowable date. Leave blank to allow any date
OnClientSelect Client event handler fired when a date is selected
SelectedDate The currently selected date


Namespace: Westwind.Web.Controls
Assembly: westwind.ajaxtoolkit.dll

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