Class wwDragPanel

A draggable Panel control that can be dragged around the current browser window. Dragging is supported for the panel and initiated through a drag handle control - a control that is contained in the window and acts as the draggable hot spot that initiates dragging. You can also make the Panel itself the drag handle.

The control can also optionally display a close button that allows hiding the control by changing its client side visibility.


public class wwDragPanel : Panel

Class Members

Closable Flag that determines whether a closebox is rendered into the <div> specified as a drag handle. Class wwDragPanel
CloseBoxImage Optional Image used for close box if ShowCloseBoxOnDragHandle is true.
Draggable Determines whether this control is draggable
DragHandleID The ID of the control that is used as the drag handle to initiate a drag operation.
FadeOnClose Fades out the window when it is closed with the close button
OnClientCloseHandler Client side event handler called when the panel is closed via the CloseBox icon.
PanelOpacity Optional Opacity level in decimal percentage values (ie. 0.65 for 65%) for the panel background. Supported only in Mozilla and IE browsers. The value is given as fractional percentage.
ShadowOffset Optionally used to specify a shadow below the panel. If 0 no shadow is created. If greater than 0 the panel is rendered.
ShadowOpacity The opacity of the Panel's shadow if PanelShadoOffset is set.


Namespace: Westwind.Web.Controls
Assembly: westwind.ajaxtoolkit.dll

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