Class wwErrorDisplay

The wwErrorDisplay control provides a simple mechanism for displaying error and status messages in an easy to use, attractive and reusable control.

The class includes several ways to do display data (ShowError, ShowMessage) as well as direct assignment to the .Text property which allows direct display of content.

Assigning to .Text and with a UserMessage set:



ShowError and ShowMessage are plain display mechanisms that show only the essage specified along with an icon to the left of the message. You can also assign the Text property directly which assign the message body text. The UserMessage displays at the top of the control is configurable. You can also have the control timeout and 'fade out' after a few seconds of dplaying the message text.


public class wwErrorDisplay : WebControl

Class Members

ShowError Assigns an error message to the control Class wwErrorDisplay
public void ShowError( string Text );

public void ShowError( string Text,
string Message );

ShowMessage Displays a simple message in the display area along with the info icon before it. Class wwErrorDisplay
public void ShowMessage( string Message );
CellPadding Determines the padding inside of the error display box.
Center Determines whether the display box is centered
CssClass The CSS Class used for the table and column to display this item.
DisplayTimeout A timeout in milliseconds for how long the error display is visible. 0 means no timeout.
ErrorImage Image URL to a warning icon displayed with the error message. Defaults to WarningResource which loads an image resource from the assembly.
InfoImage An image Url that is displayed with the ShowMessage method. Defaults to InfoResource which loads an icon from the control assembly. Class wwErrorDisplay
RenderMode Determines how the error dialog renders
Text The detail text of the error message
UseFixedHeightWhenHiding Determines whether the control keeps its space padding when it is is hidden in order not to jump the display
UserMessage The message to display above the error message. For example: Please correct the following:
Width The width of the ErrorDisplayBox


Namespace: Westwind.Web.Controls
Assembly: westwind.ajaxtoolkit.dll

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