jQuery plug in method that allows making an entire table editable. All of the TD tags become editable.

// *** Make a single table column editable var sel = jQuery("#gdvCustomers").makeTableEditable(colUpdated,{ updatedColor: "green" }); function colUpdated(value, editable) { if (editable.origText == editable.enteredText) return false; showMessage("Updated with: " + value); return true; // update value }

A big concern for table editing is to figure out which row and column you're on. Column names can be handled by assigning Css Classes that can be read with editable.jcol.css("class"). Rows are more difficult to determine - one way is to embed some information into a row ID when rendering the table and retrieving that value. You can use: editable.jcol[0].parentNode to get a reference to the Row.






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