Class ScriptItem

Individual Script Item used inside of a script container.
This control maps syntax of the standard HTML script tag
and ads a number of additional properties that are specific
to script generation.

Note there's no Intellisense on this child item as it is
rendered as an HtmlGenericControl and parsed into this
object. Hence the properties below must be manually typed
in and are not visible to Intellisense.


[ToolboxData("<Script src=\"\" type=\"text/javascript\" />")]
	public class ScriptItem

Class Members

AllowMinScript Determines whether script looks for optimized .min.js file in non-debug mode
RenderMode Determines how the script is rendered
Resource If specified loads a 'known' resource by name from resources rather than the script source. This allows using a src url for getting debugging but using a WebResource for ensuring the latest version is always used at runtime.
ResourceAssembly Resource assembly - maps to Assembly keyword
ResourceControl A reference to a control in the assembly that holds the resource.
Src The src location of the file. This path can include ~ pathing


Namespace: Westwind.Web.Controls
Assembly: westwind.ajaxtoolkit.dll

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