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Visual Studio 2008 Hotfix Patch for Html Editing Improvements

Sunday, March 2, 2008, 1:30:00 PM

Microsoft recently released a hotpatch for Visual Studio 2008 that addresses a number of performance and rendering issues in the Visual Studio 2008 HTML editing design surface. The issues addressed in this patch affect Web Connection development in Visual Studio 2008, so if you are using Visual Studio 2008 to build Web Control Framework type applications I'd recommend you'd stop by and pick up this hotfix as it will make your development experience much smoother. Performance has improved significantly in various areas of the editor and various focus problems that caused control clicking not to focus the property sheet or the Html source editor have been fixed.


The patch also includes some improvements for the JavaScript editor and with a little bit of tweaking you can now get some Intellisense on jQuery.


If you're interested in more detail on other improvements you can check out another post of mine here.


Overall this small patch has a big impact on the usuability of Visual Studio 2008 and I highly recommend you check it out and install it. Eventually the changes in this patch will be rolled in Visual Studio SP 1 which is some ways off yet, but for the moment this patch addresses some pressing needs.

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