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re: Transparent Bitmaps on Buttons and other Controls

Richard Kaye
3 months ago

Trying to apply some of the advice I got at this year's SWFOX and came across this article as I started revamping my ancient UI. This is very helpful, Rick. Thanks! BTW the image link for a tale of two buttons appears to be broken.

re: Fixing wwDotnetBridge "Unable to load Clr Instance" Errors

Chris B
5 months ago


We are getting a similar "Clr Instance..." error but with a different hash identifier as follows:

Unable to load wwDotNetBridge: Unable to load Clr instance.0x8007000e:

We are using the WW library v.6.15 DtNetBridge DLL with a custom VFP v.09x enterprise platform on our LAN. VFP and the enterprise platform is running on Windows 2012 R12 Server and have .met v4.7 running as well.

The error is odd as it is occasional/intermittent and does not always occur. It just started occurring today.

Any ideas?


re: Web Connection and TLS 1.2 Support

Rick Strahl
6 months ago

@Darko - if you're going to use an EXE maybe you should just shell out and use curl instead. It has a lot of capabilities and it too can work just fine without the Windows TLS stack and it's a well known interface that works for all sorts of things beyond just HTTP.

re: Using CreateProcess API instead of the FoxPro ! RUN command

7 months ago


Sorry I forgot to mention that I'm running a VFP compiled exe with createprocess()


re: Using CreateProcess API instead of the FoxPro ! RUN command

7 months ago


I can get start a process using createprocess() but the lhProcess number is different to the PID listed in the TaskManager.

So when I use OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION+PROCESS_VM_READ,0,lhProcess) it fails to open the handle.

Is there a way to get the correct pid back or is enumerating all the processes the only way to go?


re: Web Connection and TLS 1.2 Support

Darko Kezic
8 months ago

Hi, thanks for sharing this.

I used in my various VFP applications directly Windows AJAX with l_oHttp = CREATEOBJECT("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP") ... and was biten with TLS 1.2 issue on various client PCs.

At the end, I created small EXE with Golang which only connects to server and returns result. Then I called this EXE instead of MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP with l_oShell = CREATEOBJECT("Wscript.Shell") ...

Yes, it looks silly to call another EXE for every HTTP request, but this was only secure way to do it on older Windows.

re: Custom Manifest Files in Visual FoxPro EXEs

9 months ago

Hi Rick,

Do you know if you have to put all the interfaces contained in a active-x dll into the manifest or just the ones you want to call?



re: Visual FoxPro and Multi-Threading

David Phillips
9 months ago

Thank you Rick you a legend. FoxPro is so good with handling data it will be hard to find an alternative in the future unless someone reinvents it in a multithreaded form. Hopefully we can keep it going for another 20yrs or so. There is still Cobol Code out there that is 58yrs old and still running.

re: Web Connection and TLS 1.2 Support

10 months ago

Thanks, Rick--great information, as always!

re: Web Connection and TLS 1.2 Support

Michael Birnholz
11 months ago

Rick - discovered a few minutes ago that another issue when trying to resolve this is the default settings for IE Enhanced Security Settings Configuration. If these are both active you will not be able to open this url https://api.authorize.net/xml/v1/request.api if you are running Windows 2012 R2. If you deactivate for both administrators and users the page will open.

re: Calling JSON REST Services with FoxPro and wwJsonServiceClient

Feb 26, 2018

Hi Rick,

I'm trying to figure out how to use wwJsonServiceClient to generate an OAUTH 2.0 signature.

Their API docs have an example: The signature is sent in a header named BDXAPI_NAME.

MessageDigestPasswordEncoder encoder = new MessageDigestPasswordEncoder("SHA-1"); StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); sb.append("bdxapikey").append("=").append(bdxApiKey).append("&"); sb.append("bdxapiClientId").append("=").append(clientId).append("&"); sb.append("bdxapisecret").append("=").append(bdxApiSecret); model.setSignature(encoder.encodePassword(sb.toString(), null)); return model;

re: FoxPro EXE DCOM Configuration on 64 Bit Systems

Feb 16, 2018


Did you ever find a resolve for this? We are migrating our website over to a new Windows 2012 Server and are not able to get the foxpro dlls to work even when we have registered them successfully?


re: Calling JSON REST Services with FoxPro and wwJsonServiceClient

Rick Strahl
Feb 9, 2018

Yes you can call CreatewwHttp() which returns a wwHttp instance once which you can set any wwHttp settings. That instance is then used in the request: