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Drive Mapping in Web Applications

Errors with drive mapping can cause major headaches in Web applciations hosted in IIS because the IIS envrionemnt often obliterates existing drive maps that you might expect to be there. In this post I explain how mapped drives work inside of a system context and show a few ways that you can ensure that your drives map properly before your application starts and runs into a problem.

Visual FoxPro and Multi-Threading

Using multi-threaded Visual FoxPro components often comes up for discussion and there's lots of confusion on how FoxPro's multi-threading features actually work and how they can and cannot be used effectively. In this post Rick describes how MTDLL components work and where they work well as well as what they can't do.

A Preview of Features for Web Connection 6.0

I've started putting together some new features and updates for Web Connection 6.0 that are coming together nicely. Here's a preview of some of the features as well as a discussion of some other things to come.

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