Files Required for Distribution and Compilation

In order to run the generated proxy classes you'll need to have access to a few FoxPro classes and dlls. If you are running in the development environment you'll need all of the following. For runtime distribution you'll compile the FoxPro components into your application and distributed the support DLLs.

FoxPro Compilation Dependencies

To build your application you'll need to include a few FoxPro classes and files.
  • wwDotNetBridge.prg
  • The generated FoxPro Proxy class

Please note that these files may not be distributed with your application in source format. You must compile these classes into your binary application package (.exe,.app,.dll).

Runtime Dependencies

In addition to distribute your application you'll need to also include two dlls:
  • wwIpStuff.dll
  • wwDotNetBridge.dll

These two DLLs may be distributed with your application if you have registered your copy.

wwIpStuff is a Win32 DLL that includes the .NET bootstrap loader that allows loading of the .NET runtime without activation through COM. wwDotNetBridge.dll is a .NET component that provides helper marshalling services to Visual FoxPro to facilitate access to types and members that FoxPro cannot directly access.

Neither of these files require registration and can be XCOPY deployed with your application. Put them in your application's main startup/running directory or anywhere on your FoxPro path.

.NET Framework 2.0 or later Required

Also remember that any machine you want to run this service interface on requires that you have .NET 2.0 installed on. Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with .NET 2.0 pre-installed so nothing needs to be installed on those environment. Windows 8, 8.1 comes with .NET 4.0 preinstalled.Windows XP and prior may require separate installation although .NET 2.0 is now widely used and might not require installation on client machines. You can download the .NET 2.0 runtime from here:

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