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Updated: 12/14/08

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West Wind XML Converter

Download wwXML (Version 4.50 - 4/5/2004 - 280k)
License: Free

Are you ready to put XML to use in your Visual FoxPro or COM projects but don't know where to start? Let the West Wind XML Converter take care of repetive XML creation with easy, single method support for exporting and importing data and objects to and from XML.

wwXML is a Visual FoxPro class that comes with source code and performs the following tasks:

  • Object -> XML
  • Cursor -> XML
  • Cursor -> ADO Compatible XML
  • XML -> Object
  • XML -> Cursor
  • .NET DataSet -> Cursor
  • ADO Compatible XML -> Cursor
  • Download HTTP/XML content from the Web

The class is laid out with high-level methods that deal with full XML documents (including XML headers, DTDs) and low level methods that work with XML fragments that can be strung together into compound documents. The class also has support for exporting objects directly into hierarchical XML to allow creating fully self contained XML documents from complex nested objects.

Object can also be compiled into a COM object and provide direct XML exports from ODBC data sources like SQL Server and Oracle backends. This will be much more efficient than using ADO to parse through objects in Web environments like ASP.

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