West Wind Internet Protocols 5.56
for Visual FoxPro

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Are you ready to integrate Internet functionality into your Visual FoxPro applications?

West Wind Internet Protocols adds Internet support to your FoxPro applications.  Access content from the Web via HTTP, send and receive email via SMTP and POP3 functionality. Use basic Socket functionality to talk to raw socket servers. This toolset is laid out with easy to use Visual FoxPro classes that come with source code and is meant to easily integrate into your applications, whether it's a GUI or Web backend application. There are no COM objects to register - only a single DLL needs to be distributed for some features.

For additional tools for Desktop apps also check out our West Wind Internet & Client Tools package which includes all the features of wwIPStuff, plus a large set of utility classes that provide basic business object support, a SQL Server access object wrapper, basic imaging and graphing tools, XML and Soap support and much more. Check the West Wind Internet & Client Tools page for more details.

To check out West Wind Internet Protocols take a look at the online documentation or download the free shareware copy today. If you're an existing user or you tried a previous version check out what's new.

The class library supports:

  • SMTP and POP3 Email support
    SMTP Send Mail capability both in blocking synchronous and asynchronous modes. Support for file attachments, CCs and BCCs, special content types (HTML or XML messages for example) and more. All you need is a mail server to send message through (your ISP's or your own) and off you go. POP3 support provides a separate class to handle mail retrieval with an easy to use interface to retrieving, parsing and managing messages in a POP3 mailbox.

  • HTTP - Access Web content from VFP
    Grab any content from the Web using the HTTP protocol. Download HTML content for local parsing or download files of any type to disk or memory. Submit and drive Web based forms with POST data, upload files to a Web Server , send XML from client to server and back. wwHTTP can be the basis for building rich distributed applications that use FoxPro desktop apps talking to data on the Web. wwHTTP includes full support for all  important features of the HTTP protocol including authentication, proxy support, timeouts, SSL/HTTPS encryption, cookies, custom headers, GZip compression and more. Supports both high level and low level interfaces. High level interface requires literally two lines of code for Web retrieval. 

  • Advanced HTTP support
    In addition, tools required for efficient HTTP operation are also included such as fast URLEncoding/URLDecoding using fast C code routines, UTF-8 encoding/decoding, binary packaging for DBF files for transfer over HTTP, as well as inclusion of the powerful wwXML class which can be used to convert VFP cursors and objects into XML. There are also Zip functions that let you compress content to send over the web.

  • FTP - Transfer files
    The wwFTP class provides access to FTP servers for uploading and downloading of files from servers. In addition, manage directories on the server, by creating and deleting of folders, deleting of files and navigation of FTP directory structures.

  • Low Level Socket Access
    Create low level TCP/IP socket connections and create socket servers with with the wwSocket class to access Internet or TCP/IP services. This class is very easy to use and includes high-level methods that session and transaction based TCP/IP access very easy.

  • Dial up Networking
    Basic support for dialing and disconnecting a RAS Dial-up Networking Connections.

  • IP Address validation
    Support for domain and reverse domain lookups.

  • Fast C based Conversion Routines
    UrlEncoding and UrlDecoding, UTF-8 Conversion, Base 64 encoding.

  • No COM Objects - no Windows security issues
    There's nothing to register when you distribute your applications with wwIPStuff. wwIPStuff requires only one plain DLL that can be copied with your applications. Because wwIPStuff doesn't use the MAPI or CDO Windows components there are no security limitations that these components have to deal with. 

  • Royalty Free
    Once you've built your application you can simply compile our library code into your application and if needed you can distribute the wwIPStuff.dll alongside the application in the application folder or anywhere along the application's path.Pricing is royalty free per developer.


wwIPStuff is distributed as fully functional shareware. You can download the fully functional version from the Web site. If you use the product for more than 30 days or you integrate it into an application you are required to register the product.

Registration for wwIPStuff is US$ 129.00. You can upgrade a pre-5.0 version for US$ 79.00 You can purchase a registration in our Web Store.

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Version 5.56
Updated May 20th, 2011
Download the latest and greatest version of the West Wind Internet Protocols that works with Visual FoxPro 9.0 and 8.0.

Version 4.68
Download the last version of the West Wind Internet Protocols that support Visual FoxPro 7.0 and 6.0 for older applications.

This tool is distributed as shareware. The shareware version is fully functional so you can try out all features, but it includes pop up nag screens. The registered version includes full source code, can be modified and includes an unlimited runtime license.
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