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Database Resource Localization for .NET

Easily create ASP.NET resources stored in a database for editing and updating at runtime using an interactive editor or programmatic code.

pm> Install-Package Westwind.Globalization
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Ready to localize?

Localization is tedious in any application, but with the right tools the job is a lot easier. This toolkit provides an easy to use database resource provider that allows for localization or customized page content that can be changed at runtime. We provide a Web based resource editor that lets you create and manipulate resources interactively, or you can use code to write your own tooling to create and manage resources using our custom ResourceDataManager interface.

You can interactively update resources at runtime using the database provider while you create resources, and then optionally export them back to Resx files. You can also import existing resources from Resx resources.

This toolkit provides the database resource providers, the ASP.NET based resource editor environment that allows for real time editing and updating of resources, plus a host of tools that simplify various globalization related tasks like capturing current browser locale, serving .NET resources to JavaScript and various resource retrieval helpers.

Ready to get started?

Here's a 20 minute getting started video of the Westwind.Globalization library, that also demonstrates many of the features provided:

Database Resource Provider
Database Resource Manager
Interactive Web resource editor
Use code to manipulate resources
Generate strongly typed resources
Export database resources to Resx
Import Resx to database resources
Serve resources to JavaScript
Release and reload resources
Get it

The easiest way to use this library is to install the NuGet package from Visual Studio.

Install-Package Westwind.Globalization
Please be sure to read the setup instructions in the Web root folder.
Get on NuGet

Alternately you can also check out the source code from GitHub. Both source and binaries are available for you to play with.
Source on GitHub

Learn more

The resource provider requires a little bit of setup to configure the database to use, so please take a minute to check out the Getting Started documentation. Or take a look at our documentation:
Getting Started Documentation

The documentation provides additional information on how the provider works and how you can use it in your applications, as well as documentation for the Web resource editor.
General Documentation

Finally you can check out detailed class reference documentation.
Class Reference Documentation