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Web Connection 6.21 is here

Jun 14, 2018

Web Connection 6.21 has been released. This is a small maintenance release that fixes a few small bugs and makes a few small performance tweaks. There are also a couple of new features: wwDotnetBridge Event handling for .NET Objects, new .NET Runtime Loader with better error reporting and a new Console Configuration task to fix the annoying Loopback Check that can prevent server local Windows account authentication.


IIS Server Authentication and Loopback Restrictions

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Jun 14, 2018

If you've ever run into a problem on a Windows Server and weren't able to run a local browser and try to log in using your local network Windows credentials you might have found out the long way that your credentials are not working by default. Recently Windows 10 also seems to have enabled this policy and I noticed local Windows account log ins not working. This comes from a local Loopback access policy. In this post I describe what fails and how you can work around it both for Web Connection applications and manually.


Startup Error Tracing in West Wind Web Conection 6

Jun 8, 2018

One of the most common questions with Web Connection that come up are related to startup errors that cause File or COM Servers to fail during startup. These errors have been difficult to debug in the past but with Web Connection 6+ a number of improvements make it easier to avoid errors in the first place, and track them down if you do have them. In this post I go into detail on the Startup sequence of Web Connection.