Managing Configuration Settings with AppConfiguration

The AppConfiguration class provides an easy way to create class based, code-first configuration classes that let you store configuration values in a variety of configuration stores.

The AppConfiguration class provides:

  • Class-first design for configuration management

  • Create strongly typed configuration classes

  • Simply create a class and add properties

  • Automatic type conversion for configuration values

  • Default values so you never have to worry about missing keys

  • Automatic synching of class and configuration store

  • Easily usable from any kind of .NET application or component

  • Use in Web, desktop, service or console apps - works everywhere!

  • Support for multiple configuration objects

  • Multiple built in configuraton formats

    • Standard .NET .config files
  • Custom Sections

  • External Config Files

  • AppSettings

    • Standalone XML files (XML Serialization)
    • Standalone JSON files (requires JSON.NET)
    • Sql Server Tables
    • Strings
    • Customizable with your own ConfigurationProviders

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