Class AppConfiguration

This class provides a base class for code-first, strongly typed configuration settings in .NET. It supports storing of configuration data in .NET .config files, plain XML files, strings and SQL Server databases and custom providers.

Using this class is easy: Create a subclass of AppConfiguration and then simply add properties to the class. Then instantiate the class, call Initialize(), then simply access the class properties to read configuration values.

The default implementation uses standard .NET configuration files and a custom section within that file to hold configuration values. Other providers can be used to store data to different stores and you can create your own custom providers to store configuration data in yet other stores.

public abstract class AppConfiguration : object

Class Members



Default constructor of this class SHOULD ALWAYS be implemented in every subclass to allow serialization instantiation and setting of initial property values.


Contains an error message if a method returns false or the object fails to load the configuration data.


An instance of a IConfigurationProvider that needs to be passed in via constructor or set explicitly to read and write from the configuration store.


This method initializes the configuration object with a provider and performs an initial read from the config store.

public void Initialize(IConfigurationProvider provider,     string sectionName,     object configData)


Reads the configuration from the provider's store into the current object instance.

public virtual bool Read()

public virtual bool Read(string xml)


Reads the configuration information from the provider's store and returns a new instance of an configuration object.

public virtual T Read()

public static T Read(IConfigurationProvider provider)

public static T Read(string xml,     IConfigurationProvider provider)

public static T Read(string xml)


Writes the current configuration information data to the provider's configuration store.

public virtual bool Write()


Writes the current configuration information to an XML string. String is in .NET XML Serialization format.

public virtual string WriteAsString()


Namespace: Westwind.Utilities.Configuration
Assembly: westwind.utilities.dll

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