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Version 2.65

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  • SqlDataAccess.QueryList()
    New method that returns List< T > for a query into an entity. This method directly returns a list and is slightly more efficient than the Query< T >() plus .ToList() as it just directly grabs elements into the list.

  • resizable jQuery Plugin
    Added a minimal jQuery().resizable() plugin to allow simple resizing of elements via sizing handle element.

  • debounce() function in ww.jquery.js
    Westwind.Web Added a debounce() function that delays multiple quick firing events to a specified timeout. Minimizes many often useless repeating events on UI operations such as resizing or dragging.

  • ww.jquery.js refactoring Westwind.Web Cleaned up a number of minor issues in ww.jquery.js. Fix small issue in jquery-watch when using old IE versions and MutationObserver option in FireFox. Remove shadow functionality from the tooltip plug-in for IE old - now only CSS is used which removes a bunch of otherwise redundant code. Removed other IE old shadow effects from various plugins resulting in reduction of size.

  • Add TextWriter support to MVC ViewRenderer
    Add TextWriter output support to the ViewRenderer class for better compatibility with MVC and to support output from large templates directly to stream or file rather than to string first.

  • Fixes to UrlEncodingParser
    Fix a number of small issues in the UrlEncodingParser class used to create and parse UrlEncoded content easily. Fixed several null exception scenarios.

  • HttpClient.UseGZip optimizations
    The HttpClient class now uses the built in decompression tooling in .NET for HttpWebRequest to handle GZip/Deflate compression on request and response content removing the manual filtering.

  • HttpClient.HttpTimings object to track Request Time
    HttpClient now includes an HttpTimings sub object that contains started and end times for a request. End times provide for first byte and last byte timings as part of every request (except for stream results).

Version 2.64

June 25th, 2015

  • JsonVariables prevent XSS by encoding < and > in JSON
    The JsonVariables utility that allows embedding of server side data into client script has been updated to generate < and > tags as encoded strings to prevent XSS attacks when rendering.

  • CallbackHandler improved JSON.NET Suppport
    Switched to hard linked JSON.NET support in CallbackHandler instead of the previous dynamic loading to avoid the assembly reference to JSON.NET. This fixes odd version incompatibilities that have been reported as well as improving JSON performance slightly.

  • Add Async Support for HttpClient Westwind.Utilities
    Added support for Async methods to the HttpClient Class for DownloadBytesAsync() and DownloadStringAsync(). Also optimized throughput and fixed explicit disposal of one of the internal streams that previously slowed down high volume requests.

  • ImageUtils.NormalizeJpgImageRotation
    Method that looks at Exif Orientation data in a jpeg file and rotates the image to match the orientation before removing the Exif data. Useful when capturing images from mobile device which often are natively rotated and contain.

  • ImageUtils.StripJgpExifData
    Removes Exif data from Jpg images. Helps reduce size of images and normalizes images and keeps them from auto-rotating.

Version 2.63

April 30th, 2015

  • CallbackExceptionHandlerAttribute for MVC Controllers
    Added CallbackExceptionHandlerAttribute to make it easy to throw CallbackException objects and have those exception objects handled and returned as JSON errors with appropriate HTTP status codes. Simplifies explicit application error responses to clients. Handler also captures other exceptions but as generic 500 errors using consistent format.

  • CallbackResponseMessage and CallbackErrorResponseMessage Classes for JSON Results
    Added explicit CallbackErrorResponseMessage and CallbackResponseMessage classes responsible for returning properly JSON formatted message to clients. Used to return error results from JSON callbacks in a consistent manner with a isError flag used to determine error status. Works in conjunction with CallbackException() in CallbackHandler implementation and in MVC BaseController.

  • AppConfiguration ConfigurationFileConfigurationProvider Property Only Serialization
    Changed behavior of the Config file configuration provider to only serialize/deserialize properties. Originally both properties and fields were serialized, but in light of all the other serializers only working with properties removed the field serialization feature. This also makes it easier to create non-serialized fields that might still have to be externally visible to other classes which caused a number of reported issues in the past.

Version 2.62

March 31st, 2015

  • New AlbumViewerAngular Sample Application
    Added a new sample application that uses Angular JS and demonstrates using the various West Wind tools in an SPA style ASP.MVC application using Westwind.Data and Sql Server.

  • UrlEncodingParser.DecodePlusSignsAsSpaces
    Westwind.Utilties Add option to support parsing + signs as spaces in UrlEncoded content. By default spaces are expected to be encoded with %20, but some older applications still use + as the space encoding character. Off by default and should be set using the constructor.

  • Add JpegCompression Option to ImageUtils.ResizeImage and RotateImage
    Westwind.Utilties You can now specify the jpeg quality by providing a jpeg compression level between 0 and 100. This allows control over the compression level unlike previously which used the relatively low default compression level used when no custom encoder is used. This allows for creating higher quality jpeg images.

  • CallbackHandler JSON.NET Improvements
    Westwind.Web Added default support for enum as string handling to CallbackHandler so that enums serialize/deserialize from string values rather than ordinals. Implemented JSON.NET instance caching rather than dynamic loading to improve performance of JSON.NET serialization.

  • CallbackException StatusCode
    Westwind.Web Added a status code property to the CallbackException instance in order to allow anything that uses CallbackException like CallbackHander to decide what status code to return on exceptions.

  • JsonSerializationUtils.FormatJsonString() to prettify Json
    Westwind.Utilties Added method to format an input JSON string to a nicely formatted JSON string.

  • ww.angular.js Helper for a few AngularJs Tasks
    Westwind.Web Capture and parse $http service errors consistently. Turn regular $q promises into $http service compatible promises. Resolve/Reject $q promise helpers.

Version 2.59

January 21st, 2015

  • Update to jQuery CSS/Attribute Watcher Plug-in
    Westwind.Web/ww.jquery.js Update this plug-in to work properly with newer browser versions. Switch to MutationObserver API for much better performance and better modern browser support. Fix jQuery version newer than 1.8.3 bug in the plug-in. Added support for monitoring attribute changes with the attr_ prefix (ie. to monitor class attribute changes: attr_class). Slight interface change passing parameters as an options parameter

  • New HttpUtils.JsonRequest
    Westwind.Utilities Added a new HttpUtils class with a JsonRequest() and JsonRequestAsync() methods to handle calling JSON services and automatically sending and receiving of JSON data.

  • New HttpUtils class
    Westwind.Utilities Added static HttpUtils class to make it easy to make Http Requests and specifically to make JSON service calls that can automatically serialize and deserialize data. Class also includes a simple HTTP retrieval routine.

  • AppConfiguration support for Nested Property Encryption
    Westwind.Utilities You can now specify nested fields for encryption in the provider's PropertiesToEncrypt properties. For example, using PropertiesToEncrypt= "MailserverPassword,License.LicenseKey" allows encoding the nested license key. Supported on all configuration providers.

  • HttpClient.HttpTimings property added
    The HttpClient now supports the HttpTimings class which logs StartTime, FirstByteTime, LastByteTime and TimeToFirstByteMs, TimeToLastByteMs

  • Split .NET 4.0 and 4.5 targets for Westwind.Utilities
    Westwind.Utilities Create seperate net40 target for .NET 4.0 compatible output of Westwind.Utilities while moving forward to 4.5 with most of the code. Start integrating a number of async features into new and existing utility classes.

  • Improved Transaction Support for EntityBusinessBase.Save()
    Westwind.Data Added new overridable CreateTransactionScope() method that is used to create a TransactionScope to wrap Save() operations optionally. Save() needs to be wrapped in case OnBeforeSave() or OnAfterSave() methods also write data that must be part of a transaction. Scope is created only optionally now using a new useTransaction parameter. CreateTransactionScope() and TransactionScopeOptions provide the ability to customize how the scope is created.

  • Add String Access functions to Westwind.Data.MongoDb
    Westwind.Data Add support for JSON string for queries that allow using MongoDb query syntax in strings and save operations so that it's possible to provide the common MongoDb query syntax to execute queries. The various FindXXXJson() functions handle queries and SaveFromJson() which allows saving with a JSON entity.

  • New MongoDbDataAccess Component
    Westwind.Data.MongoDb Small wrapper around the MongoDb C# driver that provides simple methods for common query and update operations.

  • Fix Expando Object Serialization

  • Westwind.Utilities Fixed bug that caused Expando objects to only serialize dynamic properties. Fixed code to ensure both static and dynamic properties are serialized in JSON.NET and XMLSerializer.

Version 2.56

October 2nd, 2014

  • UrlEncodingParser for QueryString and Form Data Parsing
    Westwind.Utilities Added this parser that allows reading and writing of query string and form data outside of System.Web. Class reads raw UrlEncoded data or a URL and then allows access to values as a collection for reading and writing. You can modify values and then write out the new result data. When working with URLs the full URL is re-written.

  • ImageUtils.RotateImage in memory
    Westwind.Utilities Rotate image gains the ability to use a byte array input to rotate images in memory.

  • String.extract() function for JavaScript
    Westwind.Web/ww.jquery.js Added String.prototype.extract method to ww.jquery.js, which allows extracting a string based on delimiters with a number of options.

Version 2.55

  • August 18th, 2014 *

  • Added Slide Transition plug-in to ww.jquery
    Westwind.Web/ww.jquery.js This tiny plug-in provides slideUp()/slideDown() like behavior for jquery using CSS transitions. These transitions tend to be very jerky on mobile so having a universal replacement is a common scenario.

  • Add :containsNoCase and :startsWith jQuery Filters to ww.jquery
    Westwind.Web/ww.jquery.js Added these two filters that provide jQuery search filters. The former filter is especially useful to do dynamic page searches that show only content that matches typed text in search boxes.

  • Add: .searchFilter() Plugin to ww.jQuery
    Westwind.Web/ww.jquery.js Added .searchFilter() which can be bound to a textbox and then tied to a list of items via selector that are filtered based on the search text. A nice and easy way to filter longer lists based on text input and show only matching entries.

  • ConfigurationFile Configuration Provider support for Complex Types
    Westwind.Utilies Added another option for serialization of flat complex objects, by implementing additional checks for a static FromString() method that if found can be used to deserialize object. more info

  • ConfigurationFile Configuration Provider support for IList
    You can now also add properties based on IList that can create simple enumerations in your key value configs. List elements are rendered as ListName1, ListName2, ListName3. Lists and list elements must have parameterless constructors in order to be readable.

  • Add NegotiatedResult
    Westwind.Web.Mvc Add a NegotiatedResult ActionResult that returns XML, JSON, HTML or plain text based on the Accept header. This allows the client to determine which output serialization or view is applied. Supports XML/JSON serialization as well as optional View to show HTML output. JSON Serialization uses JSON.NET (unlike standard JSON response)

  • Add JsonNetResult
    Westwind.Web.Mvc Add JsonNet ActionResult class that allows returning JSON using JSON.NET formatting instead of the default JavaScriptSerializer. JSON.NET is faster and serializes more cleanly. (Note: this affects only JSON output - not inbound JSON parsing. Since formatting differs slightly for some times - namely dictionaries - you might not get two-way fidelity).

  • Add RequireSslAttribute
    Westwind.Web.Mvc Add RequireSslAttribute that allows to dynamically assign the flag that decides whether SSL is used. Use a configuration setting, a static 'delegate' method or an explicit constant bool value.

  • JsonVariables Component
    Westwind.Web Component that helps with embedding server side data into client side code. From simple serialization to creating a global object you can construct at runtime with many values, that are rendered into client script code. Attach to global vars or properties of existing objects. Useful for shuttling server data to client side JavaScript code. This is a stripped down version of the older ScriptVariables component that is optimized for string output usage in MVC or Web Pages removing all the WebForms related cruft.

  • WebUtils.SetUserLocale allowedLocales Option
    Westwind.Web Method now adds a allowedLocales parameter where you can specify any language codes you want to support. Any non-supported languages or language prefixes are automatically mapped to the default locale of the server. This reduces the amount of lookups for invalid locales in your localization providers when automatically mapping browser resources to localized resources as each locale referenced must be looked up in the resource loaders.

  • TimeUtils.Truncate to Truncate DateTime values
    Westwind.Utilies Strip off milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours etc. from date time values to 'flatten' date values easily.

  • Fixed up tests
    Westwind.Utilies Fixed entity framework DbInitializer to properly autocreate testdata and run. Db Tests still fail occasionally on first run, but succeed on subsequent runs. Also fixed several tests by moving hard coded resources into the output folder under SupportFiles.

  • Fix auto Gzip/Deflate decompression for in Memory Results
    Westwind.Utilies Fix automatic Gzip/Deflate decompression in HttpClient class. This was previously working for file and stream based responses but not for string and byte[] results of the HttpClient class.

  • Fix image resizing algorithm for square images
    Westwind.Utilies Fix small bug with image resizing when the image is square. Now properly resizes to the largest width/height dimension specified. Previously always used width. Also added ImageInterpolationMode to the full signature. Thanks to Matt Slay for his help on these.

  • Experimental: Westwind.Data.MongoDb
    Westwind.Data.MongoDb Created a MongoDb version of the Westwind.Data component that provides most of the same CRUD and Validation functionality of the Westwind.Data libraries. Wraps many of Mongo's data features. No documentation yet.

  • Experimental: MongoDb Log Adapter
    Westwind.Data.MongoDb, Westwind.Utilities Add a new

###Version 2.50 January 20th, 2014

  • Libraries moved to .NET 4.50
    In order to update to the latest versions of MVC5, WebAPI2 and EF6 we need to target .NET 4.50. Updated libraries to match this. Only library that's left at 4.0 is Westwind.Utilities since it has no specific 4.5 dependencies at this point.

  • Switch to new .NET libraries for MVC5.1, WebAPI2.1 and EF6
    Updated to VS2013 RTM. Updated all libraries to use the RTM NuGet components and fixed up any code changes.

  • Update JSON date parsing in ww.jquery.js Westwind.Web Updated the JSON date parsing in ww.jquery.js to be automatic by optionally allow replacement of the JSON parser with an parser plug-in to auto-parse dates. This provides global date parsing on the page level. Also, added flag to opt-in for MS AJAX data parsing to avoid parsing overhead.

  • JSON Configuration File Provider added
    Westwind.Utilies You can now store configuration optionally using JSON. The new JsonFileConfigurationProvider uses JSON.NET to provide JSON configuration output. JSON.NET is dynamically linked so there's no hard dependency on it. If you use this provider make sure JSON.NET is added to your project.

  • DatabaseAccess.Timeout for CommandTimeout
    Westwind.Utilies Provide ability to set the command timeout for any sql operation through the main SqlDataAccess class interface. This property controls how long a query runs before it times out (maps to Command.CommandTimeout).

  • StringUtils.GetLines
    Westwind.Utilies Splits a string into lines based on \r\n or \n separators.

  • StringUtils.CountLines
    Westwind.Utilies Returns a line for an input string.

  • DataUtils.GetRandomNumber Westwind.Utilies Returns a random integer in a range between high and low values. Uses the Random class with a static key. Simple wrapper around random API to make it easier to create random integers in a single line of code.

  • New JsonSerializationUtils class Westwind.Utilies Mimics behavior of the SerializationUtils class (XML) but uses JSON.NET to provide the same string and file serialization services with single method calls. JSON.NET dependency is a soft, dynamic reference so there's no hard dependency on JSON.NET.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Westwind.Web: UserState parsing when the userID is a string Fixes issue where missing UserIdInt was failing and setting the string to 0.
    • Westwind.Web.Api: Fix BasicAuthFilter and BasicAuthMessageHandler for scenario where password contains a colon (:).
    • Westwind.Utilities: Fix DataAccessBase::Query() parameter error when first paramameter is string. Broke out Query and QueryWithExclusions to properly separate the property exclusions.
    • Westwind.Utilities: Make SerializationUtils file read operations read-only to limit file access conflicts. Fix re-encryption bug in XML Configuration provider.

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